Do Not Overtake

This Heavy Vehicle Signs Category 34 is manufactured using Class 1A Pressure Sensitive Reflective Vinyl.


AS 4001.1 CLASS

34A/B 300Wx400H



Indicate left and right extremities of vehicle and provides instruction to other motorists.




  • Install Category 34A plate on the left side of the rear of the vehicle in conjunction with corresponding Category 34B or Category 33 plate in correct orientation at the right side of the rear of the vehicle.

  • Position both plates symmetrically along the longitudinal centre-line of the vehicle and at the same height.



Class 1 Reflective Films are best suited for high-intensity reflective signage and vehicle application. Class 1 are premium-grade reflective films, and most are approved for vehicle use in Australia. Popular uses for these films include - highway signs, ambulances, and any general signage applications where reflected light from wider angles is required.

Do Not Overtake

SKU: DMI 101-34AB